When is the Next Crypto Bull Run?

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The cryptocurrency market has garnered a reputation for dramatic boom-and-bust cycles, with prices rapidly rising and falling over months or even weeks. These extreme bull and bear market swings are primarily driven by bitcoin, which accounts for over 40% of the total crypto market capitalization.

Bitcoin and the wider crypto asset market progress through four distinct psychological phases – optimism, belief, denial, and capitulation. These phases directly correlate with price action, which ranges from stagnation to parabolic advances to sharp declines.

Crypto market cycles are heavily influenced by Bitcoin’s programmed supply emission schedule and quadrennial halving events. Bitcoin’s supply grows at a fixed rate through mining rewards, which are cut in half roughly every four years in an event known as a halving. With bitcoin supply growth slowing at each halving while demand continues increasing, economists predict halvings to initiate the next major crypto bull runs.

For example, the previous two bitcoin halvings in 2012 and 2016 helped spark intense bull runs in 2013 and 2017. The 2020 halving preceded the monumental 2021 crypto bubble, which saw Bitcoin reach an all-time high near $69,000. Many crypto investors and analysts believe the next halving expected in 2024 will similarly drive the next parabolic crypto bull market.

During these bull runs, enthusiasm and “fear of missing out” take hold of traders, with prices euphorically breaking out to new highs. This optimism switches to denial, panic, and capitulation as the bull market tops out and prices crash, initiating the subsequent crypto bear market. These market cycles demonstrate clear investor emotion and behavior shifts between optimism and pessimism.

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Top Indicators the Next Bull Run is Coming

While it is impossible to pinpoint exactly when the next crypto bull market will commence, there are several key indicators providing evidence it may be on the horizon. Analysts monitor various on-chain, fundamental, and psychological metrics to gauge when market conditions align for the next major price uptrend.

On-Chain Metrics Showing Investor Accumulation

Blockchain analysis provides valuable insight into market cycles by tracking the on-chain behavior of various crypto participants. As the bear market bottoms out, analysts look for signs of renewed coin accumulation by long-term investors.

For example, bitcoin’s reserve risk metric measures the percentage of supply that has not moved on-chain for over a year. This recently rebounded to multi-year highs, signaling investors are once again strategically accumulating and holding BTC.

Related on-chain indicators displaying similar trends include coin days destroyed, volume transmitted, and stablecoin supply ratios. These metrics paint a healthy picture of building investor demand.

Increasing Institutional Adoption and Media Hype

In addition to on-chain analytics, the pace of institutional adoption and mainstream media coverage offer clues a new bull market is arriving. Major legacy banks, hedge funds, corporations, and even nation-states are showing renewed interest in crypto and blockchain integrations.

For example, Fidelity Investments plans to allow Bitcoin investments in 401(k) retirement accounts. Citibank has launched a new digital assets unit. And countries like El Salvador have recognized Bitcoin as a legal tender. This steady stream of crypto adoption stories helps rebuild positive investor and public sentiment for the next hype cycle.

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Market Phase Description Strategy
Bottom/Accumulation Prolonged downtrend showing signs of reversal after deep capitulation. Key support levels holding and renewed whale accumulation. Identify undervalued cryptos; begin steadily dollar cost averaging buying top assets.
Bull Run/New Highs Trend changes to uptrend confirmed. New hype cycles emerging around halving, narratives, and institutional inflows. Token prices move vertically parabolic. Maintain position exposure riding upside momentum. Take some profits into temporary resistance levels and spikes.
Blow-Off Top Euphoria and “this time is different” mentality. Prices are exponentially vertical on record volumes. Significant retail and memecoin speculation. Prepare to sell additional holdings. Scale-out into temporary trend exhaustion spikes. Protect profits before the crash.
Bear Market The trend clearly reversed to a long-term downtrend of -80% to -90% or greater. Capitulation spikes but the dead cat bounces until the bottom is found. Avoid buying dips prematurely or trying to pick swing trade bottoms. Hold largely stablecoins and high cash allocation ready.

Timing and Price Predictions for the Next Peak

While the precise timing and height of the next bitcoin and crypto market peak is nearly impossible to pinpoint accurately, analysts lean on historical patterns, technical indicators, and parallels to previous cycles to form educated projections.

Technical Analysis and Bull Run Targets

By charting previous bull and bear cycles, technicians can identify potential support and resistance levels to watch for the next crypto run. Using these historical price patterns, targets for the next Bitcoin top generally range between $100k to $300k. Some of the more aggressive predictions call for a peak up towards $500k.

Zooming out to examine Bitcoin’s logarithmic growth curve also provides a macro perspective. Various statistical models indicate bitcoin adoption and prices could accelerate rapidly in the coming years if it continues following its long-term trend line higher.

Timing Models Based on Halving Cycles

While no definitive timeline exists, analyzing and overlaying previous post-halving bull run timeframes provides a probabilistic model for projecting the next cycle peak. Bitcoin typically tops out 12-18 months after a reward-halving event.

Given the most recent halving was in May 2020, this suggests the current bull run still potentially has room to run into late 2022 or 2023 based on historical cycle data. However, some argue the accelerated market maturity and adoption levels this cycle could foreshadow an earlier peak.

In conclusion, while crypto market cycles are unpredictable, the likelihood of another parabolic bull run in the coming years seems high based on both technical and fundamental indicators. Savvy investors stand ready to capitalize on the next wave of explosive crypto growth.

Top Cryptocurrencies to Watch for Outsized Gains

While bitcoin captures most of the media spotlight, savvy crypto investors diversify across other digital assets with venture capital-like upside potential ahead of the next bull market.

Bitcoin and Bluechip Cryptos

As the first and most valued network, bitcoin remains the wisest broad market bet for impressive gains due its wide adoption and network effects. Meanwhile Ethereum stands out as a bluechip smart contract blockchain operating as Web3’s decentralized financial base layer.

Investors also keep an eye on historical large-cap DeFi coins like Chainlink, Uniswap, Aave, and Maker. These established crypto asset protocols help drive ecosystem growth.

Emerging Layer 1 Blockchain Projects

Further down the market cap spectrum, speculative investors monitor early-stage “Ethereum killers” aiming to capture DeFi platform market share like Solana, Avalanche, and Polkadot.

These high-throughput layer 1 chain must continue rapidly expanding their developer communities and total value secured to vie for a top market position.

Memecoins, Metaverse, and Web3 Wildcards

History shows that both meme-based cryptocurrencies like Doge and Shiba Inu or Spongebob Crypto as well as NFT and metaverse tokens like Decentraland and The Sandbox post outsized returns during speculative bull market frenzies.

This makes them intriguing microcap lottery tickets for risk-tolerant portfolios – albeit with equally extreme volatility and downside. Other web3 wildcards range from DAO governance tokens to DeFi 2.0 protocols introducing programmable money legos.

With such tremendous upside potential compared to traditional assets, forward-thinking investors would be prudent to research and gain upside exposure to leading crypto assets ahead of the next parabolic bull market.

Maximizing Profits During the Mania Phase

Navigating the euphoric blow-off tops of crypto bull markets requires balanced strategies between greed and fear. Savvy traders implement structured profit-taking while still retaining upside exposure to ride out the frenzy.

Rules for Taking Strategic Profits

Portfolio managers often ladder selling targets at technical resistance levels or predetermined percentage gain milestones like 25%, 50%, and 100%. This ensures some gains are locked in off the table while maintaining exposure for higher levels.

Selling batches of positions into periodic strength allows traders to accumulate cash to repurchase inevitable dips too, maximizing long-term position growth. Running staggered limit sell orders also automates strategy execution without emotional decision-making.

Dollar Cost Averaging Over Full Market Cycles

The most effective bull market strategy is consistently dollar cost averaging into positions over long time frames while resisting panic selling bear trends. This statistical approach allows investors to gain Max exposure benefitting from the asymmetric return profile.

Signs Look Out For Approaching the Actual Peak

It is nearly impossible to sell the absolute highest peak. Warning signals include rapid vertical parabolic advances on heavy volume, immense hype and media fervor, and warnings from long-term holders starting to take profits. Having a plan to sell at least partial holdings into this strength is wise.

With crypto growth still in its early stages, those taking a venture investment mentality stand to realize tremendous wealth creation when the next bull market emerges.

Surviving the Crash and Next Bear Market

After such a strong bull run advancement, the following crypto bear market often wipes out 80-90% or more from the peak pricing. Thus it is critical to have plans managing risk across the transitional bubble pop to avoid getting caught in crashes.

Managing Risk and Avoiding Drawdowns

Traders should scale out positions into excessive greed, euphoria, and parabolic vertical spikes. Having buy orders ready at historically significant support levels can allow bears to be traded counter-trend as well.

Setting stop losses, laddering sells, trading leverage tactically, and maintaining cash reserves all buffer portfolio drawdowns too. No traders actually picks perfect tops and bottoms consistently, but mitigating downtrends and protecting capital should be the primary focus.

Key Support Levels Signaling Trend Exhaustion

From a technical perspective, key support levels during Bitcoin bull markets often range between the prior all time high price, the 20-week moving average, or the peak of the previous bull market.

These tend to be levels where overextended rallies finally exhaust upside momentum on a temporary basis before regaining footing into the next halving cycle. Having buy limit orders in the $20k to $40k range could pay off handsomely years later.

Portfolio Positioning for the Next Bull Run

Assuming a four year boom-bust cycle, the best positioning once the bear market concludes involves holding largely cash and stablecoins ready to deploy back into top crypto assets at capitulation moments.

Any trading should remain defensive until the accumulation downtrend shows signs of reversing. Once the next bull run launches, traders will enjoy a monumental upside having survived the chaotic bear winter.


As the crypto markets continue maturing, it becomes ever-important for investors to educate themselves on the historical boom-bust cycles in order to strategically position portfolios. Monitoring key on-chain signals, institutional adoption trends, halving models, and technical levels provides clues on when the elusive next “moonshot” bull run could emerge.

Trading these frenzied markets successfully requires balanced conviction and risk management. Portfolios that incorporate profit-taking strategies while still riding major parts of the bull wave through its euphoric peak tend to realize the greatest upside. The subsequent 80-90% bear market drawdowns also present generational buying opportunities if ready with dry powder.

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